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Provide exceptional support and training to our athletes with the necessary guidance to be successful in all aspects on the field and in the community.

Look to harness the ability of our members and provide them with the opportunities to excel both on and off the field. Our motives are to create a reputation of developing exceptional human beings while aiding those who wish to graduate onto programs of the highest caliber.

Soccer is a sport that holds many positive benefits to all of our participants. We take a holistic approach in getting to know each and everyone of our players on and off the field. By getting to know the players on and off the field this allows us to create a bond that instills many characteristics of a family. Our club saying reiterates our philosophy....One Club, One Passion, Naples Elite!

FAMILY - Pride yourself in sense of togetherness and unity.

PASSION - Your love for the game unites us and connects us with those who want to share it with us

GRATITUDE - You are selfless, you are humble, and you are thankful for your opportunities. You treat others the way you want to be treated.

LEARN - Absorb the wisdom of others and complement it with your own experiences and failures.

LEADERSHIP - You are committed to your craft and respect. You think about how other efforts will produce successes for themselves and others.

EXCELLENCE - Have high standards and hold yourself accountable for these standards.