<div>Different Environment</div>
Different Environment
Let us take you to another planet with this number. Taking Dripping Springs Vodka & Tropical notes with added. It will leave you wondering what’s next? This will liven up any of our salad dishes
<div>Daisy's Elote</div>
Daisy's Elote

Classic margarita, with an Antidote spin.
Roasted corn syrup paired with aged Don Julio Reposado and a few drops of heat. Perfect pair to a meaty dish

<div>Mary Jo's Tipple</div>
Mary Jo's Tipple

This blend of Bulleit Bourbon and Crisp flavors opens up any appetite. Great for an evening night cup

<div>The Excalibur</div>
The Excalibur

This Smoky approach generated by Union Mezcal, combined with tropical flavors and citrus, brightens up pairings for any of our dishes

<div>Small Town Charm</div>
Small Town Charm

Had a long day?
This tipple gives you a few minutes to regroup. This Bulleit Rye Manhattan spin, combines Rye & Smoked honey with a bit of our Town’s touch for a great sipper.

<div>Night Heron</div>
Night Heron

This porch pounder made with Ketal One, won’t hang out in your garden.
Deep flavor paired with Coffee notes is a great palate cleanser in between courses.

<div>La Primavera</div>
La Primavera

Antidote’s culinary approach to this margarita. combines Don Julio Blanco, Pineapple’s and Blackberry’s. Adding depth with salted agave, boosting any of our small bites

<div>The Antidote</div>
The Antidote

Our signature cocktail using Aguardiente Antioqueño, gives room for this Anise & spice Cinnamon spirit with tropical notes to shine, served on crushed ice, ideal way to cool off any day

<div>Cane Island</div>
Cane Island

Inspired by the Bayou, we use a blend of Rums & Tropical fruits to serve this long refresher. Delicious cocktail to go along with any of our dishes.


Don Julio Tequila Blanco

Don Julio Tequila Anejo

Don Julio Reposado

Bulleit Bourbon

Aguardiente Antioqueño
Sin azucar

Ketel One Vodka

Black Strap Rum